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4/27/2015 BREAKFAST: breakfast wrap, blueberries, juice/milk

LUNCH: chicken nuggets, potatoes, green beans, peaches, sandwich

4/28/2015 BREAKFAST: breakfast bar, granola bar, juice/milk

LUNCH: crispito, chips/cheese, orange slices, pineapple



school nurse

Visit the Norse Nurse's new webpage for updates and info on current illnesses, plus information and resources to help you be & stay HEALTHY! https://sites.google.com/a/roland-story.k12.ia.us/be-healthy/

Reminder: Your child's illness is contagious until free of fever (fever= temp 100.4 or higher) for 24 hours. Fever reducing medicines only mask the fever; they do not decrease the contagiousness. Therefore, please check your child's temperature prior to giving the next dose of fever reducer.  A Dr's visit is advised for fever lasting longer than 72 hours.  Beyond this time frame, a bacterial  illness (needing antibiotics) may be brewing.

"Fist bumps" and "high fives" are preferred over hugs, to prevent spread of illnesses.

We are continuing to sanitize frequently touched surfaces.

Please feel free to contact me if you questions.

Be Healthy!   Mrs. Greenfield, RN


Bus drop-off at MS has changed to the West Side of MS

Due to the construction project that is about to begin at the middle school we will be moving our bus drop off from the bus slab on the east side of the middle school to the west side of the middle school at/near the SW Cafeteria doors. This change will occur this Monday, October 27. Parents dropping off students will need to do so at the south end of the school's west side.  This will happen near the New Multipurpose Room on the east side of Main Street.  This will prevent students from having to cross traffic.  Buses will drop off at/near the SW Cafeteria doors at the steps leading to the cafeteria doors.  More bus drop off areas will be constructed in the very near future on the west side.

Students waiting areas in the building will also shift.  Elementary students waiting for busing will wait on the west side of the building near the middle school library.  High School students will need to wait inside the SW doors entrance.  Middle school wait areas will remain the same, with the exception of 7th grade.  They will now wait on the east side of the middle school near the bus slab entrance.


Roland-Story and the Iowa High School Athletic Association and Iowa Girls Union want to promote sportsmanship at all of our athletic contests.  Please be respectful of both teams in actions and comments.  Please be kind to our guests.  If you come to games, please be there to support our team and not running around.  Thanks!


RS Athletic Booster Memberships

The Roland Story Athletic Booster Foundation is accepting Norse, Red, Black, White and Family memberships. Membership forms are available on the High School\Athletic\Booster webpage. The Foundation’s purpose and objectives are: (1) to promote and foster interest in and goodwill toward all athletic programs within the R-S school district, (2) to bring into closer relationship the home, school, and fans who follow athletics, (3) to secure for all athletic programs the highest standards and advantages a program can provide, (4) to assist the athletic programs via work projects, fund raising events and providing volunteers when needed and (5) to stimulate fair play and good sportsmanship by parents, fans, coaches and participants.



Please recycle your old cell phones and used printer cartridges.  You can turn these into the office.  We have earned $800 so far from the recycling of printer cartridges and old cell phones.   Thank you from PTO

**Reminder:  Please remember we ask ALL visitors in the building to check into the office and get a visitor badge. 
**We also ask that if your child is coming in late or you are picking them up early that they check in or out of the office. 
**The north parking lot is for pull through only in the mornings.  If you plan to get out of your car, please park in the parking lot.

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