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Public Comment on Roland-Story Special Education Delivery Plan
We are requesting that the public give input on our updated special education delivery plan.  In each of the building offices is a copy for anyone in the public to read and make a comment on.  You have from February 16 - February 27 to give oral or written comments.  Once that process is done, the school board will approve it for implementation.

Norse Nurse-
There is a continued decrease in respiratory illnesses overall.

Current office visit trends:
  • Sore throats- viral, or strep throat (bacterial, requiring antibiotics)
  • Stomach aches and/or vomiting, typically 24-48 hrs (fluids/rest)
Reminder: Your child's illness is contagious until free of fever (fever= temp 100.4 or higher) for 24 hours. Fever reducing medicines only mask the fever; they do not decrease the contagiousness. Therefore, please check your child's temperature prior to giving the next dose of fever reducer.  A Dr's visit is advised for fever lasting longer than 72 hours.  Beyond this time frame, a bacterial  illness (needing antibiotics) may be brewing.
Please remind your children to avoid sharing hats/coats/hoodies/brushes, especially through the winter months.
"Fist bumps" and "high fives" are preferred over hugs, to prevent spread of illnesses.
Running a humidifier in the home, during the dry winter months, may help with decreasing headaches and nose bleeds.
We are continuing to sanitize frequently touched surfaces.
Please feel free to contact me if  you questions.
Be Healthy!   Mrs. Greenfield, RN

Beginning Monday, October 27 through the end of the school year we will be having our Middle School busing situation altered due to construction scheduled to begin soon at the Middle School.  Busing pick up and drop off will be on the west side of the Middle School at/near the SW doors leading into the cafeteria.  Parents should drop students off on the east side of Main Street to avoid crossing in front of traffic.  Thanks for your patience and understanding during this project.


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2015  #00123


Cheese Pizza, Lettuce Salad, Fruit Mix, Relishes, Frosted Graham, Milk
3-2-15 Breakfast
Omelet/PB Sandwich, Milk, Juice
3-2-15 Lunch
(Salads Available)
Chicken Sandwich, Peaches, Green Beans, Macaroni & Cheese, Beets, Milk



Please do not come into the office until 8:15 AM unless you are ill or need medicine.  Thank you!

Fifth/Sixth graders: Reminder that you must have your boots or old shoes on when you go outside for recess.

All students need to keep their ipads in their sleeves. If an ipad falls out of your sleeve and is damaged the cost will be a minimum of $100.00.  We have several sleeves in the office.  If you are missing your sleeve please stop in the office to reclaim.

The seventh and eighth grade band/vocal concert Monday, March 2, at 7:00 PM will have an admission charge of $2.00 for adults and kids get in free.

Seventh/Eighth grade track members:  Be sure your physical form, along with all other forms, are in before March 13.  Please bring clothes to practice inside or outside.  Track will begin March 23.

REMINDER TO MS TRACK BOYS/GIRLS: Get out and sell your March Madness tickets.  You have a great chance to earn money.  Tickets and money will be due on March 11th at 8:30am.  Any tickets you don't sell need to come back to the school or you owe the money for them.

Roland-Story Track online apparel flyer will be available until March 9th at 11:59pm.  If you want to order please go online to https://rstr15.itemorder.com/ and place your order.  There are also color flyers available in the office if you want.

Students: Please remember to put all of the items you wear to keep warm (hats, boots, gloves, mittens, etc.) and any other personal property you bring to school in your locker. Also, be sure to lock your locker. Any items left on the floor, hallway, locker top, or any place that is visible will be moved to the lost and found. Claim your items promptly if they are missing. Unclaimed items will eventually be donated.

The end of the third quarter is Friday, March 6. Please be working to get all tests, assignments, and projects caught up if you have been ill or if you have been absent for other reasons.

The high school presents "The Music Man" on Friday, Feb. 27th @ 7:00pm and Saturday, Feb. 28th @7:00pm. The Saturday date may change to Sunday @ 3:00pm due to state basketball or weather.  Price is $5.00.

School Carnival – The carnival committee needs some additional volunteers to make the 2015 event a success! The carnival will be on February 27th and is a fun time for the entire family. Volunteer positions available for various levels of time commitments. Thank you for considering helping our elementary PTO with its biggest fundraiser of the year.  If you volunteer and you are a middle school student, you will be allowed to sign up to win a $20 Target gift card!!!  www.mysignup.com/2015rscarnival

5th and 6th grade softball pitchers interested in off-season pitching sessions, there are forms available in the office for pick-up.  Sessions begin March 23rd.  Sign-up deadline is March 3rd, spots are limited and filled first come/first serve.

5th and 6th grade softball players interested in improving your softball skills before season, there are forms available in the office for pick-up for a camp hosted by the High School softball coaches and players on March 28th from 1:15-3:00 and a pitching/catching camp to follow from 3:00-3:45 at the Middle School gym.  Sign-up deadline is March 10th.

The Ames Children’s Choirs present:  Ames has Talent. The talent show will be Saturday, March 7, at 7:00 PM at Zeke’s in Ames.  Anyone interested in participating in the talent show please come to the office for a brochure.  You must register by March 1st.  Entry fee for participants is $20.00.  Audience admission fee:  $5/Student, $8/Adult.


HIGH SCHOOL EVENTS:  Friday:  High School Musical at 7:00 PM
Saturday:  IHSAA Individual Speech Districts at Des Moines East; High School Musical at 7:00 PM


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