Middle School Daily Bulletin

Beginning Monday, October 27 through the end of the school year we will be having our Middle School busing situation altered due to construction scheduled to begin soon at the Middle School.  Busing pick up and drop off will be on the west side of the Middle School at/near the SW doors leading into the cafeteria.  Parents should drop students off on the east side of Main Street to avoid crossing in front of traffic.  Thanks for your patience and understanding during this project.


FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015  #00153


Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Green Beans, Beets, Fruit Cup, Broc. & Caul./Dip
4-20-15 Breakfast
Omelet/PB Sandwich, Milk, Juice
4-20-15 Lunch
(Salads Available)
Hamburger, Tritater, Cream Corn, Applesauce, 3Bean Salad, Milk


Benchmarking makeup for grades 5-8 is today.  Please do your best work.

We will have a fire drill TODAY.

For those of you that received your yearbooks: There were 5 teachers that accidentally got left out of the yearbook.  There are insertion slips in the office with the 5 teachers on them.  You may pick up your insertion slip in the office.

TONIGHT is the night for the annual PTO Middle School Dance. The 5th/6th grade dance is from 6:00-7:30 PM followed by the 7th/8th grade dance from 7:30-9:30.  Admission is $4.00.  The $4.00 gets you in to the dance and also gives you a raffle ticket.  Additional raffle tickets are $.50 each.  The DJ will rock the gym and of course there is the GAME contest for 5th/6th grade.  Dress up in the most creative black/white colors and add a little FUN for the “MOST CREATIVE BLACK OUT” contest.  Join in the FUN!!

The Roland Library would like to invite you to a very special presentation at the Roland Community Center TOMORROW, from 11:00 AM – 12:00 noon. Terrie Hoefer from Saving Our Avian Resources will be bringing out one of their educational birds, an owl, to help us learn more about our raptor population.  All ages are invited to attend.

Midterm is TODAY.  Please have tests, quizzes, projects, and assignments caught up.

Anyone interested in the Threshold Learning Center Summer Youth Adventures (to Nebraska or South Dakota) please pick up a registration form in the office.

Can/Bottle Recycling Day – The PTO is sponsoring a can and bottle recycling day as a fundraiser for school field trips. You can help out by:  1) Donating your 5¢ refundable cans and bottles – donations will be collected door to door in Story City  TOMORROW OR can be dropped off at the corner of Broad Street and Elm Avenue until 10 am2) Volunteer – Volunteers are needed TOMORROW at 8:00 AM in Story City to collect and sort all donations.  To volunteer sign up at:  http://www.mysignup.com/PTOrecycling. Thank you for supporting the school field trips!


ELEMENTARY: Saturday:  PTO Can/Bottle Recycling Day

HIGH SCHOOL EVENTS: Boys and girls golf at Story City at 4:00 PM



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