Middle School Daily Bulletin

As expected with the Holiday season, illness has increased.
Current Illnesses:
1.  Viral respiratory infection- sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, fever- 3-4 d
2.  Strep throat (bacterial)- sore throat, fever, sometimes stomachache- requires Dr. visit and antibiotics.  No longer contagious once on antibiotics and fever-free for 24 hrs.
3.  Stomach cramping/vomiting (viral)- 1-2 days
I strongly advise a Dr's visit for a persistent sore throat or fever lasting longer than 3 days.  **Please remember your child is considered contagious until free of fever for 24 hours, therefore home is the best place for your child until then.  It is always a good idea to stay well hydrated, run a humidifier, and increase your Vitamin C intake during the winter months.
Happy, Healthy Holidays! Kristin Greenfield, RN

Beginning Monday, October 27 through the end of the school year we will be having our Middle School busing situation altered due to construction scheduled to begin soon at the Middle School.  Busing pick up and drop off will be on the west side of the Middle School at/near the SW doors leading into the cafeteria.  Parents should drop students off on the east side of Main Street to avoid crossing in front of traffic.  Thanks for your patience and understanding during this project.


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2014  #0087


Corndog, Mixed Veggies, Fruit Cup, Ice Cream, Milk
1-6-15 Breakfast
Cereal/Granola Bar, Milk, Juice
1-6-15 Hot Lunch
(NO Salads Available)
Hamburger, Peaches, Baked Beans, Pineapple Slice, Baby Carrots, Milk



There are Roland-Story Cookbooks still available for $15 each. They make great holiday gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles, college students and anyone who likes to cook!  Email rscookbooks@gmail.com to order yours today!  Proceeds support the Junior Class After Prom Fundraising

TODAY is the last day of the second quarter and first semester. Please make sure you have all assignments, projects, and tests caught up.

We will have a 2:15/2:30 p.m. early dismissal TODAY. We will be using that schedule today.  Your teachers will fill you in on that schedule.  Christmas vacation will be from December 20 – January 5.  School resumes January 6.



HIGH SCHOOL EVENTS: Semester tests, Girls/Boys basketball at Jewell at 6:00 PM/7:30 PM, JV wrestling at Story City at 5:00 PM
Saturday:  Jim Kinyon Tournament at Story City at 10:00 AM


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